Freitag, 18. April 2014

A fresh start, some changes and Okan in London

Honestly guys, it was long overdue.

Organic Houji Tea Pot - Roasted Green Tea

I thought extremely long and hard about whether I should or should not write in English. On the one hand I always hesitated because though I was an English major at university I did not feel my grammar, style and vocabulary would be good enough to actually post texts on the internet. On the other hand German is a pretty beautiful language if you know how to appreciate it and I like to use it since it's sort of my mother tongue. And again, as an English major I didn't want to embarrass myself too much.
The reasons I decided to start writing in English are simple. I have a lot of international friends who kept asking for translations of my blog posts. So I thought it might be a good idea to present my content in a more accessible way/language for them. In addition getting out of my own comfort zone was kind of one of my New Year's resolutions.
I'm not quite sure how to handle all this. Maybe I'll put a German translation underneath each post or just a summary or just English? We'll see as we go along.

Well, that said let's start a new chapter together!

First of all an update. I finished my studies - I am not an university student anymore. Yay! Currently I'm working to save up some money for my travels which hopefully will start this summer. There's no exact plan yet but I want to visit a lot of places in Asia.

Speaking of traveling... Last month I was in London for about a week spending my time mostly eating and sleeping. I had a great time there.
One day I went with friends to Brixton Village because we've never been there and we heard of this awesome Okonomiyaki restaurant called Okan which we wanted to try. The menu of this place is short and simple - and the Okonomiyaki were really, really good! We had the set lunch which included a miso soup and a small salad and the Okonomiyaki of the day which was the one with squid. As additional starters we ordered Kimchi and Edamame. And because I was extra adventurous I also ordered mine with soba noodles underneath.

Brixton (Village) and Okan were awesome. There were fresh produces in little shops and amazing Carribean food, especially the fried chicken smelled and looked incredibly delicious. All in all I liked the whole atmosphere of this little part of London.

much love