Mittwoch, 18. Juni 2014

Munich: Manam

Street Food Atmosphere.

I loooove Thai food! Okay, let's be honest - I love all kinds of food as you may have noticed. 
For me there are a few reasons why I like eating out now and then (which does not mean I don't like eating at home...):
1. I like to try new things.
2. That way I can eat dishes I cannot cook or won't be able to cook better than the restaurant chefs.
3. Dining in the 'right' atmosphere will make the food taste better. 
4. Eating out with friends is more fun than eating home alone in front of the TV/Laptop. (Yes, you could invite them over or cook together... but you get my point.)
5. Sometimes (especially in some parts of Asia) it is cheaper to go out for a meal than to buy all the fresh ingredients to cook at home. 
6. I simply enjoy life and see the whole eating out concept as an experience to open up your mind in many culinary ways.

So a really good friend of mine showed me this lovely, simple, Asian style cramped up place. The whole interior of Manam reminds me of a little street food restaurant in Thailand. Everything in this place looks simple, however the food is super delicious and the price is reasonable. We went for lunch and had Pad Sie Oiw & Pad Thai, both with sea food. 

Tip: These Thai people are serious about the spiciness of the food. Keep an eye on the amount of chillies behind your dish on the menu. 

much love