Samstag, 5. Juli 2014

MLtravels: Switzerland


What are the first things which come to your mind if you're thinking of Switzerland? - Probably Swiss chocolate, cheese, army knives, watches, business bank accounts, expensive lifestyle and the Alps, right? 
In my opinion Switzerland is a much underrated holiday destination. Sure, it's nice to go snowboarding and skiing in the mountains but Switzerland has a lot more to offer. 
A few weeks ago I went by bus from Munich ZOB (Central Bus Station, one train station away from Munich Central Station) to Zürich. By the way, Zürich might be the biggest city in Switzerland but it is not the capital. I didn't spent a lot of time in Zürich, but it felt like a place I want to live in at some point in my life. Zürich ranked first in Monocle's 2012 "Quality of Life Survey", that means the people living there are the happiest in the world. Doesn't everybody strive for happiness?! Therefore, I think surrounding yourself with happy people could be the first step.
Anyway, after I got the most expensive Starbucks drink of my life, up until now, (I paid about 7 CHF = 6€ for a tall! Mango-Passionfruit Blended Juice because I had to use the toilet, needed WiFi and also a refreshing drink - yup in this order :D) I explored Zürich for a bit. Then I hopped on a fast train to Bern, the capital, where I met up with a good friend. I was already astonished by the beauty of the city after we left the train station. The narrow-winding streets and the art nouveau/neo-gothic architecture caught my eyes. The people there, or in Switzerland in general, were very friendly and easy-going - I felt welcome as a tourist. 

The next day we drove around a bit. We went to Thun, had a walk a along Thunersee (Lake Thun - 1st & 3rd picture) and enjoyed the sun. Afterwards we drove to Interlaken (picture above) and had a stroll around town. I bought delicious chocolate from Grand Café Restaurant Schuh. The logo of this Swiss chocolatier is an image of a Jungfrau (virgin/maid) because the most famous mountain in this region is called Jungfrau
Our activities sound really boring, I know. But I actually needed this. The days before I went to Switzerland I was rushing from city to city visiting friends, and I did so after this short trip as well. So all I needed was a quiet and peaceful place to calm down and relax. The vibe of this country is calming and inspirational.
But if you are not an old granny like me and want adventures I'm sure Interlaken is the right place for you. Because this lovely small city is a very touristy place, they offer kayaking, canoeing, and which thrilled me the most, paragliding. But I was not spontaneous or brave enough to do it. Paragliding is on my bucket list though. 
In the afternoon we we drove to Beatenberg (mountain/village), maybe half way up, took a break and enjoyed the scenery. 

Switzerland was everything I remembered and imagined it to be and more. I was in elementary school when I first visited this beautiful country. My memories of this trip are very vague. Ergo, I had to visit it again. In my point of view the older you get the more you appreciate things in life. The few days I spent in Switzerland made me realize that instead of looking for the right angle for a great photograph to post on social media, I should absorb the awesomeness of the moment. Sometimes it is nice to just gather all the impressions for yourself, without taking pictures with the intention to share them with everybody - just to grab attention or to brag. (My pictures won't be as good as the ones you can find on the internet, which were taken by professional photographers, anyway.)
Don't get me wrong, I love taking pictures and sharing them, and of course I don't mind other people doing it. But you know, sometimes...

Aaaaand here are 5 random fun facts about Switzerland you should know:

1. There are four national languages: German, French, Italian and Romansh. 
2. There is a political party in Switzerland, called the "Anti-Powerpoint Party". It works towards decreasing the use of Powerpoint in professional presentations. 
3. In Switzerland, it is illegal to keep just one guinea pig. You have to have them in pairs. 
4.  The official name of Switzerland is Confoederatio Helvetica in Latin, which means Swiss Confederation. This name is only used on official documents but it is the reason why Switzerland's abbreviation is CH.
5. Swiss people invented conching and tempering chocolate!

much love

Mittwoch, 2. Juli 2014

Copenhagen: Paludan Book Cafe

Relaxed and simple.

Last night I was looking through my external hard drive. I can't remember what I was looking for but I found some pictures of New Year's Eve (2013/2014). Nothing very interesting: some pictures of me and my friends being semi drunk posing with our Christmas cracker crowns. (You know, the little paper crowns which come in those British Christmas crackers. A really good friend of mine gave them to me on Christmas Day, but we didn't open all of them so I thought it would be nice to open the other ones the night before New Year's Eve.)
After reminiscing about the great and very chilled New Year's Eve celebration we had in Copenhagen - well, we visited a good friend of ours and she very kindly let us stay at her place - I also found photographs of a lovely café we've been to. And thought it would be nice if I share them with you. (I'm sorry in advance for the low quality pictures. It was pretty dark inside and the lighting was too yellow.)

Paludan Bogcafe (Book Café) is a very nice café in the city centre of København (Copenhagen). We only went for a cup of coffee and muffins (which were huge, moist and yummy!) but the people around us had late lunch or early dinner, and their food looked really delicious! (Seriously, check out the pictures on tripadvisor, yelp and their website!) You'll also find their English menu here
I really liked the cosy atmosphere, it was like sitting in someone's rather noisy library or living room. Not only the books were nice to look at, they also had decks of cards and board games to play with. 

Eating out in Copenhagen, Denmark is rather expensive compared to e.g. Germany but if you're visiting Copenhagen you should definitely check out this book café.

much love