Montag, 11. August 2014

Berlin: Umami

Are you looking for something new? 
Berlin is constantly changing, I love that about the capital city. Every time I visit Berlin there are a lot of new "hyped" restaurants to try out. 
Umami opened a few months ago and on my last visit we decided to have a look (& taste). I have to admit I was excited and had high expectations because of the name of this place. First of all I thought it would be a Japanese restaurant, then my friend told me they serve a mix of Southeast Asian aka. indochine cuisine ('indochine' refers to Indochina, which is basically everything in between the southwest of China and east of India). Then I saw the menu and it says 旨味 at the front, which I thought was Chinese for delicious flavor (zhi3wei4) but I was wrong. It is actually Japanese (kanji characters) for umami. This still means delicious but it is also the fifth basic taste - the savory taste. For me umami is a taste which is mouthwatering and something which rounds up a dish. Short: something incredibly good. There you go, that's why I had high expectations. 

We had Pakse Noodlepan and BBQ Kingprawns, as dessert we had black sticky rice with mango and coconut cream. I also had an Iced Vietnamese Coffee and my friend one of the delicious non-alcoholic cocktails (it was some sort of lime soda with mint, can't remember the name). As a special treat the waiter gave us each, one (very bland) portion Vietnamese chè đậu xanh. 

Well, the food was alright - not outstanding though. The dessert was really nice! (You get one dessert for free with every main dish.) The drinks were good, other friends of mine only recommend the cocktails there. 
Nevertheless I really enjoyed having lunch at Umami, because the whole interior is really cozy but in an Asian way. Everything is well decorated. You definitely can tell someone put his heart in this place.

We will come back for the drinks and the friendly waiters. 

much love