Montag, 17. November 2014

Phu Quoc: treasure island

My kind of paradise. 

In the last few years Phú Quốc became a rather touristy destination, but it hasn't achieved its full potential in that way yet. A lot of habitable land is still under construction. Luckily. Even though the infrastructure of the largest island of Vietnam is already better than the infrastructure of other islands in this region, there are still a lot of bumpy, narrow roads. Well, in my opinion these roads are kind of charming. 
Despite the amount of hotels and resorts (and they are a lot more to come in the next years...) along the coast line one could easily treat a vacation in Phu Quoc as a great escape from the urban everyday life. There are a lot of things to discover: obviously there are the amazing beaches, where you can swim, sun bathe, go kitesurfing, etc. But if you are into history you can visit the "Coconut Tree Prison", which is a museum now. First it was build and used by the French and later on used by the Americans to hold prisoners and mostly to torture Anti-Americans to death.

You could also have a look at pearls or have a walk in the woods. Or you could go to a fish sauce factory and get some bottles like I did. We ordered two boxes each with 12 bottles actually, because it is not allowed to bring fish sauce in glass bottles on to the airplane (Vietnam Airlines policy).  The boxes were delivered to our home within 10 days.
There were huge tubs filled with fish sauce! (picture underneath)

The first day we spent relaxing at the beach. It was a rather gloomy day, but I love days like this. It was still hot but there were less people at the beach. The next day we did a lot of the touristy stuff and had a nice walk along the beach after dinner. I always enjoy the salty smell of the sea, the sand between my toes and the wind blowing through my hair. That night was particularly nice because of the full moon. Everything was very calming.
On the next day one of my dad's friends invited us to his home in the north of the island. When we arrived there it felt like time stopped flying so fast. It felt like we truly escaped. There were hammocks and beach chairs, you could easily see Cambodia and there was a tiny coral reef not far away from his house. It was also very quiet and you barely had mobile phone reception, let alone WiFi.
For the very first time in my life I went fishing for my dinner and it felt fantastic! And I'm definitely not the outdoorsy type of girl.

sea urchins

I really liked Phu Quoc, because the people there seem very chilled and easy-going. Most importantly: the food is really good if you love seafood!

much love